Duc Tran

duc's pictureMr. Tran is uniquely suited to helping guide our project to a successful completion. His life is the embodiment of the dream shared by all immigrants to this country. He arrived in America with nothing more than a pair of Jeans and $10 in his pocket, and through hard work, determination, and a little hand here and there, rose to be the CEO of the Viet-Wah Group, the company he founded in 1981, which is one of the largest Asian grocery importers, wholesale distributors and retailers in the Pacific Northwest.

On a personal level, Mr. Tran is among the most respected community leaders in the region because of his practice of always giving back to the community. He has never forgotten his humble roots. He believes in hard work and he believes in helping those who need a helping hand, values that are consistent with the objectives of our project. Through this project we seek to help others follow in Mr. Tran’s footsteps by providing jobs, entrepreneurial opportunities, affordable housing, and the vision of a better life through hard work.

Viet-Wah Group has business alliances with major processors of grocery and food items in Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines, China and other Pacific Rim nations. His Viet-Wah Supermarket has been the anchor tenant in Asian Plaza since the beginning and we are proud to say that a new Viet-Wah Supermarket will anchor the new retail plaza.

Mr. Tran is fluent in English, Vietnamese, and several dialects of Chinese, and has traveled extensively throughout Asia, most recently focusing on China. His deep understanding of how to do business in Asia may prove invaluable as we work to position our project as a gateway to, and from, Asia.