Jennie Chinn

Dr. Cochran-Chinn brings expertise in management and the application of cutting edge technologies for solving problems.  Her experience in managing development teams makes her ideally suited to guiding the technology solutions required in a large project such as this.

Dr. Cochran-Chinn was born and raised in Atlanta, GA.  After graduating Valedictorian from North Atlanta High School in 1999, she went on to get her Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering (2003) and her Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (2004) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology .  During her final year at MIT she was selected as a Siebel Scholar based on her academic excellence and leadership.  She continued her graduate education at the University of California at San Diego, funded by a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship, where she earned her PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in 2008.

Dr. Cochran-Chinn has worked in various capacities in the technology sector all while mentoring and leading diverse teams of engineers, developers, and product managers.  She was the Sr R&D Engineer and then Director of Applied Sciences at Adconion Media Group (2009-2012) and most recently was VP of Data Engineering at Demand Media (NYSE:DMD) (2012-2015).  Earlier this year she branched out to start her own business developing children’s toys that celebrate and reflect the cultural diversity of the United States.