Nate Chinn

FullSizeRenderMr. Chinn has been the operations manager of the existing Asian Plaza shopping center for many years and he brings to the Board a deep insight into the struggles faced by small community businesses that serve a particular ethnic population. His background in sociology provides a paradigm in which to understand the social interactions between ethnic businesses. That perspective will provide an important counterpoint to the technical focus of other members of the project as we move forward.

Many of out tenants have been with us for 20 years or more. As we transform Asian Plaza, existing tenants will have opportunity to relocate their businesses into the new commercial plaza. To do that their businesses must evolve. Part of Mr. Chinn’s initial responsibility will be to help provide them with the resources and¬†guidance they need to make the transition. As the new commercial center fills, he will assume operational responsibility.

In addition to managing Asian Plaza, Mr. Chinn was also instrumental in building and managing Armadillo self-storage in Edmonds, WA. He graduated from Bellevue High School in 1994, attended Whitman College, and received his BA (sociology) in 1998.