The general objective of the project is to replace the aging Asian Plaza shopping center with a new major redevelopment, which will act as a catalyst to the local economy that has largely been bypassed by the economic progress experienced by other parts of the greater Seattle Metropolitan area.

More specific goals are:

1) To provide substantial local employment that will be sustainable, to enable families at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder to pull themselves up into the middle class,

2) To provide new opportunities for local entrepreneurship by providing access to small retail/commercial spaces available for rent in a thriving and busy retail shopping area,

3) To provide condominium and apartment housing in a neighborhood where housing is currently scarce,

4) To provide child care facilities for working families and business owners,

5) To promote other development and investment in the area by building a business class hotel for potential investors coming to the ID for business purposes,

6) To enhance cultural life in the CID by building a live performance theater as an important part of the project, and finally

7) To serve as a catalyst to other development in the ID, by helping owners of underutilized and/or undeveloped property in the ID see beyond what is to what can be.